Autokurtas becomes an official partner of Fords Trucks

Ford Trucks official representative offices are starting their operations in all the four divisions of Autokurtas. The company will supply the Lithuanian market with Ford Trucks heavy-duty trucks and tractors with gross weights of 18 tons and above, which will be available for purchase and after-sales service.

Vytautas Garbenis, General Director of Autokurtas, is confident that the company’s experience gained over 20 years, its good reputation and well-developed infrastructure will allow offering reliable and time-tested trucks and tractors of Ford Trucks to the customers of Autokurtas and providing them with smooth service on the best possible conditions.

“The partnership with Ford Trucks allows us to further develop the work processes, attend to improving the qualification and competencies of our automotive specialists by organising trainings for the team. The processes of parts logistics have also been streamlined in order to ensure that our customers receive the parts and components they need from Ford Trucks on time. Although today we are already fully prepared for the processes of sales, repair and maintenance of Ford Trucks, we continue to strive to improve them,” says Garbenis.

The opening of the official units of Ford Trucks in Lithuania is part of the strategy aimed at the long-term expansion of Ford Trucks in the Central, Eastern and Western European markets. It is planned that by 2020 sales and service will be carried out in as many as 51 representative offices in the country. 

In May, F-MAX, new tractors of the same manufacturer, were also introduced to the Lithuanian market for the first time. The customers of Autokurtas can test them in test runs.

“The customers can register for test runs according to their planned routes, with their real freights. Tractors can be tested on the roads of Lithuania and other countries for up to several months. In this way, buyers find out whether the engineering and operational characteristics of F-MAX tractors meet their business needs,” says Garbenis about the possibility to test tractors.

According to Vytautas Garbenis, General Director of Autokurtas, although today there is a lot of talk about merging Ford Trucks, the activities that the company has been carrying out so far will not change. We will continue to provide specialised solutions for the repair and supply of spare parts for various makes of trucks, tractors, minibuses, buses, and special-purpose vehicles and military machinery.