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Working environment

We have the DNA of a Lithuanian family business and also strive to adopt the best practices of the international truck service network Alltrucks. We constantly invest in the improvement of the working environment and pay particular attention to the ergonomics and modernisation of workplaces. We provide opportunities to work flexible hours.


We consider ourselves one team, which systematically strives to become the most reliable partner for truck repair services in our market. We set the highest requirements for quality, transparency and responsibility, and this is why we became the first service centre in Lithuania to be awarded with the transparent business mark Clear Wave.


We are confident that the people is the guarantee of our success. Therefore, we aim to bring them together by creating common internal rituals and organising celebrations or active leisure events. We also take care of our former colleagues, whom we invite to become Autokurtas ALUMNI, as well as of local communities.


We provide the employees with all opportunities to realize their strongest competencies and potential, while assuming greater responsibility for exceptional results. We ensure all this by offering competitive remuneration, additional incentives and opportunities for continuous improvement.

Giedrius Zlotkus

From motor vehicle mechanic to Unit Manager

It is my belief that every employee should improve and change together with the company. I started my career at Autokurtas 9 years ago as a motor vehicle mechanic. I am happy that my initiative and efforts were noticed and appreciated by the managers. Over several years, I climbed the career ladder to the position of service centre manager, and in 2019 I was appointed Manager of Vilnius Unit. I continue to seek to expand the boundaries of my possibilities, so I am happy to have now the opportunity to assay my strength by leading the Competency Development Team.

Vytautas Žulys

Efforts that pay off

I believe that a strong leader must be modern and receptive to innovation. This is exactly the goal I have also set for myself. I joined the management team of Vilnius Unit of Autokurtas in 2019. Not only personally, but also as a whole team, we strove together to make our unit the strongest. All this work has been generously repaid: I was entrusted to lead Vilnius Service Centre, and the unit in the capital city is now the fastest improving and growing among all Autokurtas units. Efforts are rewarded!

Andrius Garnys

Customers in a row – from all over Lithuania!

The secret of my career success is many years of experience in the field of engineering and tachographs. I am happy that it was noticed and appreciated by the management of Autokurtas, which trusted my professionalism. Since 2014, I have been performing checks and diagnostics of tachographs in this company. I am glad to see when not only the managers, but also the customers praise my work and associate Autokurtas with high-level services and quality. And I am always happy to see a satisfied customer!

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Why we are an attractive employer


A network of more than 700 partners throughout Europe. We are members of Alltrucks, Europe’s largest network of repair centres dealing with trucks of all makes.


More than 20 years of experience in the Lithuanian market


Services for more than 10 different industrial sectors, including 3PL, production, trading, infrastructure and energy companies and Lithuanian Armed Forces


More than 100 employees throughout Lithuania


More than 50 qualified motor vehicle mechanics throughout Lithuania

35 %

More than one third of our employees have been working in Autokurtas for more than 5 years

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